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My name is Zahoor. i was born and brought up in Chennai, a peaceful south Indian metro. I am a computer science graduate from BITS, pilani . Currently working in startup called Indix

I pretend to be interested in Distributed systems and Analytics.. Secretly, however i  care less about all those things—I care more about riding my bike, playing drums and listening ghazals.

Q: That’s a difficult name to remember.

A: Zahoor is an urdu name. My mom’s idea is to spell as zahur. Zahoor means “Advent/Visible.” The near exact meaning would be “the first sunlight of the dawn” (my fathers version). The pronunciation  would be “Za” as HK calls me, “hoo” as tarzaan shouts and “rrr” as the sound of peter’s bike, but people call me Jahoor, Jaroor …(this web site has size restrictions enabled).